In the end the only thing that matters is how one conducts oneself. Whether it is one’s cognitive, collaborative or emotional conduct, it is only one’s behaviour that has impact in the world – as I believe Aristotle opined – ‘You are what you do’. Mindfulness Matters as it is only Conduct that Counts!

The foundational disposition of Reflexivity – a striving for a perspective on one’s own perspectives – underpins the exercise of appropriate conduct in all three domains. If one is not mindful of one’s habits of attention and interpretation / the prejudices one is enacting, it is unlikely that one is best placed to judge what would be ‘best’ to ‘do’ in the circumstances one confronts.

Reflectivity enables the acquisition of the paramount Reflexive disposition, and also the experiential learning that is necessary to gain high level competence in the core capabilities of imagination, reason & dialogue.


Right conduct is what we must have if we are to make good judgements. In this pursuit we must be self-disciplining.

Personality is often used as an excuse for our conduct – ‘it’s just the way I am’ – culture is also used to excuse – ‘it’s just the way we are’ – with religion often used as a supernatural justification for these excuses. We must take responsibility for our conduct – there are no excuses.

The Mindful Manager is self-disciplined – s/he is in control and takes full responsibility.

To read more about discipline, conduct and its links to mindfulness and the attainment of practical wisdom, go to the Practical Wisdom section of the Members’ Area.

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