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The Mindful Manager seeks Practical Wisdom.

The pursuit of good judgement is the focus of this website. The content and resources of the website attempt to assist managers in their acquisition of the capacity to exercise good judgement – to improve their chances of making good decisions in the testing circumstances of managerial life.

Why the focus on judgement you may well ask. Well, because it is, as the US military say, a ‘V.U.C.A.’ world in which you are operating, and it is, as you probably already understand, a world that bears little resemblance to its caricature in the business textbooks.

The world in which you are asked to make decisions is volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous. It is a Wicked World, as I characterise it – a ‘VUCA’ one, that is suffused with divergent interests, clashing perspectives and paradox; where, sadly, there is no science of choice to assist you, nor any firm ground of truth on which to stand. It is a world in which one’s choices are mostly profoundly ethical, as they are, most frequently, choices as to what ends, goals and objectives we should have, and what means and methods we should use to achieve them. These choices are judgements, and are founded on judgements – and it is the capacity of Practical Wisdom that we require!

Practical Wisdom

Practical Wisdom is the paramount capability of effective managers/leaders, as it is the capability that enables quality judgement.


This site comprises a public area and a Mindful Manager Club members’ area. The public area provides a brief introduction to the topics to be covered and is visible to all. The club members’ area enlarges upon these topics using audio, video and written content (with activities). The club members’ area also includes, for each topic, a forum for discussion with other club members. This area will constantly be updated with new content.


Millions of people are receiving tangible benefits from mindfulness practice: less stress, better concentration, perhaps a little more empathy. Needless to say, this is an important development to be welcomed – and its success in the arena of cognitive behavioural therapy is great news – but these successes have a shadow – the ‘true’ meaning of Mindfulness has been lost. Meditating will not make you Mindful but being Mindful might make you meditate!

The rush to commodify mindfulness into a marketable product may be leading to an unfortunate denaturing of this ancient practice which was intended for far more than relieving a headache, reducing blood pressure, or helping executives cope with the executive life. It has far more powerful benefits than those!


Mindful Manager

In pursuit of good judgement

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